About Us

The Whistler Chamber Music Society (WCMS) is a BC non-profit registered society, formed and co-directed by three long-term residents of Whistler. Every summer the visiting Vancouver Symphony Orchestra plays to overflowing crowds in Whistler but opportunities to listen to classical music during the rest of the year are non-existent without travelling to the city. Recognizing the need to fill this gap in the community, the directors believed that the time was right for a classical chamber music series to be presented in the community during the rest of the year. In early 2017 the Whistler Chamber Music Society was formed.

Two trial concerts were organized and presented to the community. The first was in October 2016 featuring a piano trio (Arbutus Ensemble) and the other in March 2017 with a wind quintet (Fireside Quintet). Both concerts featured a variety of accessible classical music, plus other selections generally performed by classical musicians, like movie and TV themes and both performances were well-attended by sizeable and very enthusiastic audiences who appreciated learning as well as listening, leaving them eager for more. A benefit concert, featuring local Whistler classical musicians, was added on May 28th and likewise, well-attended.

Encouraged by community interest, the WCMS planned a chamber music series of six concerts for the 2017-2018 season. The overwhelming support of the community throughout the inaugural season has led the organizers to forge ahead to present a second season of quality chamber ensembles.

The goals of the WCMS are:

-to produce a yearly concert series showcasing different types of chamber ensembles and work with performers to ensure an accessible concert program for all listeners.

-to fill a cultural need within the community which is presently unmet

-to support BC professional classical musicians—both experienced and rising stars—in these performances. BC has a sizeable community of accomplished and committed classical professional musicians. Securing excellent musicians who are adequately compensated, ensures a high standard of performance and provides a quality listening experience that Whistler audiences deserve.

-to be a financially sustainable arts organization through a combination of ticket sales, donation and by attracting corporate and community sponsors.

The Directors of the Whistler Chamber Music Society are committed to these goals and invite the community to come and enjoy quality music by excellent BC professionals without the long drive to the city!